Shipments to Fat Beats Distribution should be sent to the following address:

Fat Beats Distribution
8930 Eton Ave
Canoga Park, CA 91304


It is imperative that records arrive to Fat Beats’ HQ in pristine condition in order to be sold through our distribution system. Even the slightest bent corner or split spine will be rejected at retail. This can be a difficult task when relying on third party shipping companies, but if the following measures are taken the damages can be significantly minimized in your shipments.

Please take note of these suggestions when supplying finished goods to Fat Beats.











Double box all shipments

The best way to minimize damages is to double box all shipments, meaning pack the records in one box, and placing that box into a slightly larger one. If the sizes are not perfect, additional padding may be necessary to prevent the inner box from shaking around. If you can shake the outer box and feel/hear movement inside, it is not packed tightly enough. A single package should never exceed a weight of 30 pounds.

Example of the custom boxes used by Fat Beats:



















Use thick corrugated cardboard with filler pads

Double corrugated walled boxes are ideal in providing protection to your records. The added cost in purchasing these boxes will be well worth it if it ensures your records are sellable when they arrive. We suggest using double corrugated C flute boxes with filler pads interspersed between every 5 records.















DO NOT ship records in the boxes that you received them in from your pressing plant

Many pressing plants box your records using thin and sometimes recycled cardboard. Please do not assume that because they were shipped to you this way, they can be reshipped to us in the same packaging. Some plants use smaller “inner boxes” to hold 10-12 records inside the outer box as well, but this is still insufficient padding for a standard Ground shipment. While these may be fine for a palletized freight shipment, they offer little to no protection when handled by UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS, who generally are not nearly as cautious as necessary. The integrity of a box is the most important thing in making sure the items inside are safe for transit. We do not recommend using the original boxes unless additional padding is added, and then double boxed, or the units are sent on a pallet.













Rotate the spines of your records

If you place your records inside a box in the same orientation each time, an imbalance is created inside the box due to the added thickness on the “spine side” and pressure points are created. This allows the records to shift in transit more than necessary, and increase the likelihood of bent corners. Please rotate the spines every five records.













Seal all edges of the box

A single strip of tape on the open flaps usually will not suffice. We recommend sealing every edge of the box that has an opening to ensure everything is held tightly, and increases protection from outside elements.