Record Store Day New Releases

Browse our new releases for theĀ Record Store Day release date including the order gridĀ and PDF Bundle. Also, tracklistings on one-sheets contain hyperlinked audio when available.


Order Grid For RSD 4/21/2018 New Releases

RSD New Releases

Individual One Sheets:

CLMN12007-CLR Los Sospechos

CLMN12020-CLR Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

CM078 Head Above Water

IAE18 Torae

IW9431 Raekwon

IW9432 Raekwon

IW9433 Raekwon

NSD813 Common

PX045 DJM Trio

SRR002 Bernard Purdie & Friends

UD001 Ugly Duckling